Interested, but still too nervous?

August 11, 2006

Here are some reasons to choose SELKIN LASER CENTER:

  • Most of his staff has had LASIK performed by Dr. Selkin.

  • Thorough screening process absolute precision demands absolute knowledge. This is why we use both the Bausch & Lomb, Orbscan and Zywave Wavefront technology. This screening gives us the most detailed characteristics of your eye available anywhere.
  • You are in the hands of one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the United States, with 55,000 refractive surgeries.
  • Dr. Selkin is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.
  • Staff expertise -Our certified laser technicians have assisted on over 55,000 laser vision corrections.
  • A surgeon who truly cares. Dr. Selkin won the Neil Hellman Award for commitment to humanistic values.
  • Dr. Selkin has performed LASIK on over 300 doctors, and performs LASIK on professional athletes and their families, as well as country music star Trace Adkins
  • Dr. Selkin is experienced at treating patients with a high degree of astigmatism and nearsightedness.
  • SELKIN LASER CENTER uses multiple laser systems, since no two eyes are alike. We perform high definition vision LASIK.
  • Convenience -There is no need to miss work; SELKIN LASER CENTER will perform your surgery during the week or on weekends, so LASIK need not interrupt your life.


Our Specialized Techniques II: Wavefront Custom Technology

August 9, 2006

Until very recently, eye doctors have measured vision in terms of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism (these are all called low order aberrations). Now, new advanced testing with Zyware can measure other irregularities in the eye called higher order aberrations that may be responsible for night glare, halos, and poor quality vision. For example, glasses and contact lenses only correct low order aberrations (near, far, astigmatism). The only way to correct high order aberrations is with technology called Wavefront.

Selkin Laser Center is proud to offer the state of the art Zyoptix Wavefront custom laser that can treat not only your low order aberrations, but also other irregularities that have never been correctable before. It is believed that correcting these irregularities may give patients a higher chance of getting better vision than 20/20 with laser surgery. It may also offer a better quality of vision to patients.

So how do we gather the necessary information to perform this treatment? By using the Zywave aberrometer, we can identify a map of the visual distortions throughout the entire optical system of the eye. This information does not depend on responses of the patient (such as which is better, 1 or 2). The information is organized to allow for transfer to the Zyoptix laser, which can in turn treat these irregularities. By treating the abnormalities in your eye that glasses and contacts can’t, the possibility of crisper vision is available to patients. 

The wavefront aberrometer measures the irregularities from the center to the outer edge of your pupil, which is vital because at night, your pupils dilate and more light is scattered at the periphery of your pupils. This technology can measure your prescription under high light situations (comparable to daytime) and your prescription with part dilation (as in dusk), and at night. How’s that for customized treatment?

Our Specialized Techniques: Part I

August 7, 2006

Before describing our Specialized Techniques, let us learn about some basic points on Clear Vision. Clear vision results when light rays enter the eye and are focused perfectly on the retina (the back of the eye). In order for this to occur, all of the layers of the eye must bend the light rays perfectly.

The first layer of the eye is considered the tear film. If the eye is dry, and the tear film is poor, patients will not have their best quality vision. The second layer is the cornea. If the cornea is too steep (as in nearsighted patients), light will not be focused on the retina. The third layer is clear fluid (aqeous humor). The fourth layer is the lens. If the lens is cloudy, this is called a cataract. The next layer is the vitrous, a clear fluid. This is the layer where people get floaters. Some of the Specialized Techniques that we follow at Selkin Laser Center are:

Thin Blade LASIK: In some cases, patients who have corneas that are too thin to correct their prescription with traditional LASIK, can have LASIK by creating a thinner flap. By creating a thinner flap, we have more room to work with in treating your prescription. Dr. Selkin is extremely conservative and will only perform procedures in which he maintains a corneal thickness that he is comfortable with. This is why, in over 55,000 laser vision procedures; we have never had a single complication from treating too much corneal thickness. 

Large Zone Ablations: This is helpful for patients concerned about night vision or those who have large pupils. In this advanced treatment, Dr. Selkin applies smoothing pulses around the outer edges of the cornea after correcting your prescription. The procedure creates a treatment that is larger than your pupil size, to reduce risks of glare and halos at night.

We will discuss more on our Specialized Wavefront Custom Technology in the future posts.

Selkin Laser Center: Total Customized Solutions

August 5, 2006

No two patients are the same. Because each patient’s eyes are unique, Selkin Laser Center uses multiple laser systems to suit each patient’s needs. In addition to thorough screening with Bausch and Lomb Orbscan, we use Zywave Wavefront customized computer imaging to show the most detailed characteristics of your eye available anywhere. Our state of the art screening guarantees the best treatment science can afford. 

Having performed over 55,000 laser vision corrections, Dr. Selkin ranks as one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the United States. Dr. Selkin is board certified and was accepted to the Cornea and Refractive Surgery Fellowship at Harvard University/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where he trained for one year.  

He has been published in textbooks and numerous journals, and has taught advanced LASIK techniques to surgeons across the country. Following his ophthalmology residency training in NYC at the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Selkin was accepted to the world renowned Cornea and Refractive Surgery Fellowship of Harvard University/ Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he trained for one year. Dr. Selkin provides an individualized and personalized approach to LASIK, taking into account the goals and desires of each patient. While Selkin Laser Center provides unmatched experience and care, the cost to you is substantially lower than the competition.

At Selkin Laser Center, we offer weekend appointments so you do not need to miss work. Before your LASIK procedure, you will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Selkin any questions you may have.

Laser Eye Treatment: a New Perspective on Life

August 3, 2006

Welcome to Selkin Laser Centers. Clearing any myths and doubts about the Laser Eye treatment, Selkin Laser Center is bringing a new perspective to many eyes!At Selkin Laser Center we make continuous effort to improve our treatment, so that laser treatment can mean new Freedom

  · freedom to change the way the world sees you

  · freedom from the time-consuming, day-to-day hassle of glasses or contact lenses

  · freedom to play sports without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses

  · freedom to go on holiday and to work without worrying about your eyesight

  · freedom to wake up during the night and see clearly

Our efforts at Selkin laser center are sure to bring results and freedom that we hope for in your life.

People choose the LASIK eye surgery procedure, because they want to enjoy life without eyeglasses or contacts. Just imagine how your life will be after your LASIK Eye Surgery; you can have the convenience and ease of taking part in your normal daily activities without being hampered by any kind of vision devices. You can play games; work on computer systems with no problems or harm to your eyes. Isn’t it great?Generally the cost involved in the eye surgery is the main concern for people. Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery may depend on several factors. Like demand for the surgeon that you have chosen, how reputed he is, how bad your vision is and more.

Selkin Laser Center specializes in low cost LASIK Eye Surgery. Along with the cost of LASIK Eye Surgery, one of the most frequent queries LASIK patients come up with is “How does LASIK eye surgery works?”, Which we will take up in our future blogs. At Selkin Laser Center, we have best team of doctors who are specialize in techniques to offer best in LASIK Eye Surgery.